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Summer 2022 House Program

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Summer 2022 House Program Details

Active Summer Groups (Private)

Summer House Program group pages are linked below.  Each group page is private to group members only.

Contact if you're interested in a weekly time slot for your group this summer.

2022-23 House Program

Registration for our Fall/Winter 2022-23 House Program will open in August.   Click below for further details about our House Program.

2022-23 House Program Details

Summer 2022 House Program Details

In Northern Virginia, the summer is truly a time of casual busyness for our kids.  Families vacation more frequently, swimming and diving programs are in full-force, and even the weather requires us all to approach our schedules with flexibility. 

The choices for summer basketball are usually week-long camps; AAU or travel-level leagues with multiple games and practices each week; and/or informal play in driveways or at the park.  There seem to be very few choices for those players who enjoy and prioritize other activities during the summer but would still like to be involved in playing and developing their basketball skills.

We have designed our new Summer House Program with these players in mind.  

Starting the week of June 20th and running for 8 weeks, instead of formalized leagues, we will have weekly basketball events for each age group, including but not limited to:

  • 5-on-5 games
  • 3-on-3 games
  • 1-on-1 competitions
  • Shooting contests
  • Skills competitions

Each group's schedule will be build with flexibility and choice.  For example, one group may want to have a different competition every week built around the summer swimming and diving league schedules.   Another group might want 3-on-3 games on Tuesday nights only.  It will be up to the group how to best use their time.

We are also offering discounted rates for the Winter 2022-23 season to families who help us run these events throughout the summer.

To sign up or volunteer for our Summer 2022 House Program, click the registration link immediately below.

We look forward to seeing you on the court!

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2022-23 House Program Details