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Summer 2022 Season Program

2022 Summer Season Information


Our 2022 Summer House Program is underway but groups are still forming, so be sure to register today!

For Whom: 

Girls & Boys in Grades K-12.   


Weekly supervised and refereed basketball events chosen by or for each age group, including but not limited to:

  • 5-on-5 games
  • 3-on-3 games
  • 1-on-1 competitions
  • Shooting contests
  • Skills competitions

Each group's events will be scheduled each week at one of the following locations and times:

  • Mosaic ES on most Monday and Thursday evenings. 
  • Canterbury Woods ES on Tuesday evenings.
  • Woodson HS on some Wednesday and Friday evenings. 

This schedule is subject to change.


The week of June 20th thru the week of August 8th.



Contact if you have any questions.

Fall / Winter Season Program


Open Gyms
  • Throughout September, open gym space for specific age groups is offered to players based on interest and demand.
  • Some of these sessions are held as an opportunity for players interested in our Travel Program to meet our Travel coaches.  
Player Evaluations & Draft
  • All players must be evaluated before playing in our House Leagues.
  • Evaluation sessions for all age groups begin in October.
  • In November, players are selected by coaches in our player drafts.
    • Teammate / Coach Requests:  Players may request up to two specific teammates and a desired coach.  While we try to fulfill these requests, we cannot guarantee that they will be granted.
      • We want to avoid "stacked" and/or "over-matched" teams. 
      • We believe that meeting and developing relationships with players from other local schools enhances the player's experience.
  • Practices begin in November.
  • Teams in K to 8th grade leagues will have one 60- or 75-minute practice slot per week.
  • Practices are held on weeknights any time from 5:30 to 10:00 pm.  However, each team's practices are mostly held at the same day, time and location each week.
  • Practice schedules will be uploaded onto your Team Page throughout the season.
  • Be prepared for occasional cancellations and make-up practices, as each school has the right to take back their gyms at any time.
Regular Season
  • The 2021-22 regular season will begin during the first week of December and, weather permitting, will run through the beginning of March.
  • No games are scheduled for the three weekends of Winter Break.
  • Teams in all leagues are only scheduled for 1-2 games each weekend, with the following exceptions:
    • High School Boys teams will also occasionally play up to 1 weeknight game per week.
    • High School Girls teams may also play up to 1 weeknight game per week.
    • Games cancelled due to weather may be rescheduled on a weeknight, but only if both coaches agree.
  • All leagues, except for the K-2 Developmental League, will hold a single-elimination playoff tournament.
  • Every league team participates.
  • Playoff Games are usually held during the first two weeks of March.  Please try to keep your player's schedule open during this period of time.
  • Most teams should expect at least one weeknight playoff game.
All-Star Games
  • Held in March after the league's playoffs are completed.
  • Every team will have an equal number of players selected to participate.
  • Where applicable, All-Stars are invited to participate in our off-season Travel Program activities.

Typical Age Groupings

Boys Leagues:
  • B11-12 (Boys 11th & 12 Graders)
  • B9-10 (Boys 9th & 10th Graders)
  • B7-8 (Boys 7th & 8th Graders)
  • B5-6 (Boys 5th & 6th Graders)
  • B3-4 (Boys 3rd & 4th Graders)
Girls Leagues:
  • G9-12 (Girls 9th through 12th Graders) (further info)
  • G7-8 (Girls 7th & 8th Graders)
  • G5-6 (Girls 5th & 6th Graders)
  • G3-4 (Girls 3rd & 4th Graders)
Developmental League:

Fall/Winter Season Event Summary

Event When?
Registration Open NOW
Fall Open Gyms September - November
Player Evaluations Mid-October
Fall Player Clinics October - November
Coaches Clinics November
Coaches Preseason Meeting November
League Drafts November
Weekly Practices November - March
Referee Training November - March
Winter Leagues Regular Season November - February
Winter Player Clinics January - February
Picture Day February
Spring League Registration Open February - March
Winter League Playoffs March
Winter League All-Star Games March
Coaches Postseason Meeting March
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Spring Season Program

Spring season house Leagues

We have successfully expanded our Spring Program into separate house leagues for High School and Middle School Boys and Girls.

For Whom

Boys and Girls in Grades 6-12 (and talented 5th graders).


Opens in February. 

Player Evaluations

Players must be evaluated prior to joining our House League.  These are held in March.

Player Draft

Held in late March / early April.

Regular Season
  • Approximately 6-8 games from April to May. 
  • Games are generally scheduled at Woodson HS on two weekday evenings.
  • Make up games may be played on other weeknights at Woodson or other local school gyms.

Held in late May / early June.

Open Gym Program

During the Fall and Spring months, Turnpike offers open gym sessions for players who want to play more casually.

Activities in these sessions range from pick-up games to fun group drills and one-on-one instruction, and are supervised by Turnpike Coaches or parent volunteers.