We provide an opportunity for local girls in Grades 1 through 12 to play in our Girls House leagues.  These leagues are developmental in nature and designed to be less competitive than our county-level teams.

In our Boys-Girls 1-2 (BG 1-2) League, first and second-grade boys and girls play games together weekly in an instructional setting.  No standings are kept as the emphasis is on fostering player and team skills, as well as a love for the game.

Third and fourth grade girls play in our G3-4 division, fifth and sixth grade girls play in our G5-6 division, and seventh and eighth grade girls play in our G7-8 division.  These leagues are also developmental in nature, but are more formalized with full standings, round-robin play and playoffs.

Ninth through twelfth grade girls are eligible to play for any one of our Turnpike teams in the Friendship League, a cooperative league that includes other local basketball clubs in the area.

Our next Girls House league season will begin this Fall.

We hope you join us!