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Thank you for volunteering to be a Turnpike Basketball Coach. Your time and mentorship is incredibly valuable to these young athletes. This page has some good resources for you as a new or returning coach.


Pre-Season Requirements:

  1. Background Check - Before you receive your gym permits and team roster, you must complete a background check. The background check is conducted by a company called Protect Youth Sports and your information is submitted via an encrypted form.
  2. Volunteer Training - Once you submit your background check, you will receive a link to an online training program about being a volunteer that works with children.
  3. Concussion Awareness - please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this Coaches Concussion Fact Sheet. Concussions are brain injuries and can be very serious. Being able to recognize a concussion and reacting appropriately is incredibly important to the safety and well-being of an athlete.
  4. Volunteer Building Director - each team must have a certified volunteer building director in order to be permitted to use county gym space. Don't sweat it - the training is easy. An important note - you should also encourage multiple parents from the team to do the same. Your team will be required to offer a VBD during games and a coach CANNOT act as the VBD during the game.

Important Documents:

  1. Game Day Instructions
  2. 2018 Game Rules
  3. Gymnasium Use Hot Sheet
  4. Remote Scoreboard Controller Operation (Frost, Camelot, Wakefield Forest)

Gym Setup and Take Down Instructions:

  1. Camelot ES Gym Set Up Take Down
  2. Canterbury Woods Gym Set Up Take Down
  3. Frost Gym Set Up Take Down (click here for a map of Frost MS)
  4. Poe Gym Set Up Take Down
  5. Wakefield Forest ES Gym Set Up Take Down
  6. W.T. Woodson Gym Set Up Take Down (click here for a Woodson Map and click here for a photo showing where the bins should be stored.)

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