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Thank you for volunteering to be a Turnpike Basketball Coach. Your time and mentorship is incredibly valuable to these young athletes. This page has some good resources for you as a new or returning coach.


Pre-Season Requirements:

  1. Background Check - Before you receive your gym permits and team roster, you must complete a background check. The background check is conducted by a company called Protect Youth Sports and your information is submitted via an encrypted form.
  2. Volunteer Training - Once you submit your background check, you will receive a link to an online training program about being a volunteer that works with children.
  3. Concussion Awareness - please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this Coaches Concussion Fact Sheet. Concussions are brain injuries and can be very serious. Being able to recognize a concussion and reacting appropriately is incredibly important to the safety and well-being of an athlete.
  4. Volunteer Building Director - each team must have a certified volunteer building director in order to be permitted to use county gym space. Don't sweat it - the training is easy. An important note - you should also encourage multiple parents from the team to do the same. Your team will be required to offer a VBD during games and a coach CANNOT act as the VBD during the game.

Important Documents:

  1. Game Day Instructions
  2. 2018-19 Game Rules
  3. Gymnasium Use Hot Sheet
  4. Remote Scoreboard Controller Operation (Frost, Camelot, Wakefield Forest)

Gym Setup and Take Down Instructions:

  1. Camelot ES Gym Set Up & Take Down
  2. Canterbury Woods Gym Set Up & Take Down
  3. Frost Gym Set Up & Take Down (click here for a map of Frost MS)
  4. Poe Gym Set Up & Take Down
  5. Wakefield Forest ES Gym Set Up & Take Down
  6. Woodson HS Gym Set Up & Take Down (click here for a Woodson Map and click here for a photo showing where the bins should be stored.)

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